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How to enable SQLNET.ORA tracing

  1. Make a directory on the client machine called c:\trace
  2. Add the following lines to the sqlnet.ora file on the client:
    • trace_level_client = 16
    • trace_file_client = cli
    • trace_directory_client = c:\trace
    • trace_unique_client = on
    • trace_timestamp_client = on
    • trace_filelen_client = 100
    • trace_fileno_client = 2
    • log_file_client = cli
    • log_directory_client = c:\trace\log
    • tnsping.trace_directory = c:\trace\trace
    • tnsping.trace_level = admin
  3. When you are finished be sure to remove the lines from the sqlnet.ora file.
Note: Ensure the C:\ drive on the client machine has sufficient free space.


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