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Weather Portlet for Oracle Portal

This article shows you how to deploy a functioning weather portlet to your Oracle Portal.
Download code here.

There are a few workable options for displaying weather inside of Oracle Portal. However I found all solutions to be extremely limited or even completely unworkable.

Benefits of using this custom Weather Portlet:
- Uses web services
- Receives feed from weather.com
- Graphical rather than straight text
- Very customizable
- It's using WSRP JSR 168
- Easy to deploy to your Oracle Portal
- It's free!

Here is what the Oracle Weather Portlet looks like once it is deployed to your Application Server:

Here is the Personalize screen for the Weather Portlet:

The following are the steps you need to take to work with this portlet in JDeveloper. (If you do not want to work with the code in JDeveloper you can simply deploy the .war file to your Application Server)
  1. Create a developer account at Weather.com and take note of your "par" and "key" values which identify you to weather.com
  2. Uncompress the Zip file containing the JDeveloper Weather Application.
    Open the Weather application in JDeveloper (Studio Edition Version 10.1.3 was used to develop this solution) Because this solution was developed for Portal 10.1.4 I had to use the J2SE 1.4.2_12 and tell my project to use this (see screenshot to understand where I set this):

  3. Modify the settings.properties file:
    Modify the "par" value with your value from weather.com
    Modify the "key" value with your value from weather.com
  4. Deploy to your 10.1.4 Portal server (not tested on other versions)
  5. Test the deployment by going to http://host:port/weather/portlets?WSDL
  6. Register your WSRP portlet by logging into Portal as administrator, go to Builder >> Administer tab >> Portlets >> Register a Provider. Be sure to choose "WSRP" for the Implementation Style.
  7. Add the portlet to the page.
  8. Done!
If you have any questions/comments about this Weather Portlet for Oracle Portal then just email me.


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